Tuesday, November 30

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USG discusses efforts to ensure Honor Committee, Committee on Discipline reflect campus demographics

"You know when you interview 17 white kids and when you don't, to be entirely frank," she explained. "I suppose if you want to return to this discussion of asking students to self-identify so that we can have hard and fast statistics about the diversity of these pools, then we can reopen that conversation. But I think anyone who was in the room this time who’s been in the room during past application cycles can just see that the room is more diverse than it otherwise is,” said Liziewski.

NEWS | 05/14/2017

USG votes on Honor Committee appointment changes, debates amendment to referendum policy

This week’s meeting of the Undergraduate Student Government featured debate on a wide range of amendments, as USG worked to wrap up new business for the spring. USG President Myesha Jemison ’18 opened with her report to the committee, which detailed upcoming meetings with administrators and student groups, as well as the interview process for the Honor Committee, which will commence tonight. U-Councilor Pooja Patel ’18 presented the upcoming “Get Yourself Tested” initiative, a partnership between USG and Princeton Students for Reproductive Justice. 

NEWS | 05/01/2017

USG announces newly elected class officers, U-Councilors

“Senior year is a phenomenal time, and senior year is what people are going to remember for the rest of their lives," McGhee said. "There are so many milestones that occur during your senior year, and I think it’s very important to have a very cohesive, very strong, and very friendly class government that is planning events throughout the entire year."

NEWS | 04/23/2017

USG eating club referendum report promotes transparency, recommends subcommittee

“I'm excited about the formation of a permanent USG USLC Subcommittee for Eating Club Transparency and Inclusivity and I’m glad to see that the reports [suggest] that the committee will have a mandate to collect demographics in its charter,” Clark said. “I hope that USG is able to act on this report swiftly, so that we get the demographics that we as a student body voted on as soon as possible.”

NEWS | 04/15/2017