Sunday, September 27

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Student Life

People hold signs denouncing Woodrow Wilson's white supremacy.
Photo Credit: Jon Ort / The Daily Princetonian

U. community members protest at "Double Sights" dedication

As president of the University, Wilson falsely asserted that no black student had ever attended the institution and actively prevented black applicants from being accepted, writing: “It is altogether inadvisable for a colored man to enter Princeton.”  Over two hundred students, alumni, and faculty members gathered to protest at the dedication of the University’s new installation, “Double Sights,” which is meant to represent Woodrow Wilson’s complex legacy.

NEWS | October 7

Eating clubs line Prospect Avenue.
Photo Credit: Jon Ort / The Daily Princetonian

Fresh out of frosh: Interclub Council to enforce eating club ban on first-years through frosh week

This restriction follows last year’s frosh ban, which prohibited first-year students from entering eating club parties on the final night of frosh week. In the days prior to the 2018 ban, University Public Safety had evacuated 28 students to either Princeton Medical Center (PMC) or McCosh Health Center for alcohol-related emergencies.

NEWS | 08/30/2019