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The Daily Princetonian

Room for improvement in race relations at Princeton

Many of the debates that currently have the University's attention ? from the determination of the proper roles of the Frist Campus Center and the eating clubs to the Wythes proposal to expand class size ? are rooted in an important issue that is seldom discussed with candor at Princeton: race relations.While plays, discussions and workshops on diversity are a staple of freshman orientation here, once students congeal into closely-knit social groups, most forms of cross-cultural and multiethnic discourse are thrown aside as quickly as those smelly OA hiking boots.

OPINION | 02/27/2000

The Daily Princetonian

Scandals sully the Slick Willy era

As the year winds down, the curtains are closing on an era for the members of the Class of 2000. Surely, most of my classmates will look back at the last four years with nostalgia.At the same time, America will share a similar process, as eight years of the Clinton presidency dissolve into primaries and conventions and, ultimately, an inauguration.

OPINION | 02/25/2000

The Daily Princetonian

Letters to the Editor

U-Council and sweatshopsAs chair of the University's Resources Committee that has been charged by the U-Council with investigating the issue of sweatshop labor, I was surprised to read John Kimble '02's letter in the Feb.

OPINION | 02/22/2000

The Daily Princetonian

On sweatshop activism

Because a student's educational experience extends beyond the classroom, the University is obligated to pay careful attention to non-academic aspects of student life if it hopes to retain its claim of being a truly educational institution.Because we've all recently come of voting age, our college years can be seen as the formative period of our political activity.

OPINION | 02/21/2000