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Justifying the lesser-known angles of a University icon

I've heard a lot of talk in the last few weeks about Professor Toni Morrison what with all the commotion about Oprah's secret visit, the release of her new book "Paradise" and the filming of "Beloved." Though we may hold these truths to be self-evident, there is an underlying cynicism surrounding Toni-mania based in nothing but jealousy and gossip.Let's examine . . . Has Toni Morrison ever claimed to be the Pope?

OPINION | 03/12/1998

University mascot

If Princeton fans in the Hartford Civic Center think they smell a waft of mothballs tonight amidst the pleasant odors of popcorn and hot dogs, they are probably not mistaken.

OPINION | 03/11/1998

Life lesson from Miss Zhang

It's March, and like many seniors, I'm wondering what on earth I'll be doing next year. For those of us who have spent four years parrying questions like "What do you plan to do with a degree in X?", admitting that we still don't know what we'll do when we grow up has become acutely embarrassing.

OPINION | 03/11/1998


Railing rationality

It has been a wild ride lately for local skateboarders. First, with the installation of the Blair Arch railings, they enjoyed the thrills of a veritable amusement park ride.

OPINION | 03/10/1998

Letters to the Editor

On academic, athletic trade-offWhen I read John Kuhner's March 3 column "The Crumbling Ivory Tower," I was impressed to see that somebody is finally raising issues about the academic integrity of the Princeton campus.I encourage Mr. Kuhner, however, to back up his generalizations (which I expect are entirely true) and focus his arguments in his articles to come, in order to ensure that the University community does not write him off as misinformed.

OPINION | 03/08/1998

Moving the information age beyond 'memex'

In July of 1945, Vannevar Bush, then Director of the United States Office of Scientific Research and Development, penned an article entitled "As We May Think" in The Atlantic Monthly describing a magical device called the "memex." The memex, Bush explained, would be . . . a device in which an individual stores all his books, records, and communications, and which is mechanized so that it may be consulted with exceeding speed and flexibility.

OPINION | 03/05/1998

Adding dose of modernity to First Amendment

It was just a joke, the writers of The First Amendment said, all just a joke.Nine kids at Miami's Killian High thought it would be fun to get together and compile a pamphlet of their finest art, poetry and prose, and name it "The First Amendment." Their final product was certainly some piece of work ? a vulgar collection of racist commentary, innuendo and crude depictions of sex.One featured essay was entitled, "One Student's Complaint." Like all the other contributors to "The First Amendment," this one student remained ever so bravely anonymous while wondering "what would happen if I shot Dawson in the head?" Dawson, Principal Timothy Dawson, just so happens to be in charge at Killian High.Those fluent in psychobabble have chalked the booklet up to adolescent angst, that term now used to justify what once was known in many cases as juvenile irresponsibility.

OPINION | 03/04/1998