Saturday, October 1

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Shuffling through the ruins of poetry's wasteland

Quickly now: outside of class, what was the last poem you read?Perhaps this question has left you slack-jawed and silent; if not that, it has most likely forced you to dig a little bit deeper into your memory than if I had asked, say, "What was the last trashy paperback you read?" or "Where was the nearest bathroom your freshman year?"My point, of course, is that the reading of poetry in America as a form of entertainment has fallen into disfavor in recent years, and it is currently so rare that I have given up my search for a soul with whom to spend the early morning hours discussing John Donne's quirky brilliance, T.S.

OPINION | 04/09/1998


Get on with it

The ongoing process of amending the current P/D/F system is a fine example of students and administration working together.

OPINION | 04/07/1998

Trailer construction

Typical Princeton students who caught basketball fever this spring are having their styles seriously cramped by departmental relocations resulting from the Frist Campus Center's construction.

OPINION | 04/05/1998

Letters to the Editor

On 1998 baccalaureate speakerAround this time last year, when the administration announced that Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee would address the Class of '97 at its baccalaureate services, my roommate Josh Cohen '97 and I protested to the 'Prince' that the University was trotting out yet another politician to address its graduates.

OPINION | 04/05/1998

Letters to the Editor

On dorm-construction dilemmaWhile we all were disappointed with the recent construction developments with Scully Hall as disclosed in the April 1 Daily Princetonian, I think we should attempt to put these events in some perspective.First, I think we would all agree that the administration's recent record of construction management has been exemplary over a broad range of projects.

OPINION | 04/02/1998

Time for a dip into the University's money pot

In case you haven't noticed, Princeton is rich. Each of us pays nearly $32,000 a year to attend the University, which is nothing compared to the $25 million being spent on a new student center, which is nothing compared to the $750 million being raised by the "With One Accord" anniversary campaign, which is nothing compared to Princeton's endowment of over $4 billion.I don't know about you, but I cannot even fathom such great sums of money.

OPINION | 04/01/1998