1. The Zombie— Each and every step seems like torture. You feel for these people because they wereclearly up all night a) eating, b) procrastinating and c) realizing at 4 a.m. that they have a pset duefor the class they are agonizingly inching their way towards finishing.

2. The Tourist – You have 2 minutes to get yourself from Holder to Frick. You don’t make eyecontact. You keep your head down. But alas, cue the ever-eager tourist springing up and askingyou for a picture in front of Blair Arch or directions to a building you never knew existed.

3. The Roadrunner – Clearly the freshman dying to get to class 20 minutes earlyor the senior who's 49 minutes late.

4. The Biker – The real question is: Does my insurance cover me if I get all my teeth knocked out?

5. The Fashionista – I’m never quite sure if they are strutting to class or to a runway.

6. The kid wearing a Harvard sweatshirt – You don’t even go here.

7. The Herd – One word: MOVE.

8. The Runner – I truly admire those who have the motivation to go for a jog while the rest of us poor soulsare stuck in class.

9. Your buddies – Extra points if you guys have a passing-by handshake.

10. No one– Because you slept through class yet again.

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