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The impending doom of midterms week is here and at the end of this long dark abysmal tunnel awaits one of the best nights of the Princeton school year … Princetoween! Everyone is just about done with midterms and gets to dress up and go crazy as if they are not themselves. So, if you didn’t dress up last year or if you’re a freshman and forgot to bring a costume, then never fear! As you stare at the random things in your closet wondering what makeshift costume you can create, take a look at the following ideas to see what you can be … just don’t be yourself.


Frist Late Meal Sushi Roll

Take a white fuzzy blanket or towel and wrap it around yourself like a dress. Be sure to wear something colorful underneath to create the illusion of vegetables. Use red, orange, or green scarves or cloth to stuff in the blanket/towel and have them stick out to help with that illusion. Top it off with a colorful hat, or use a black hat and attach colorful felt to it.

Disclaimer: If you walk into Frist Gallery at 3 a.m., people will probably try to eat you.

P-Safe Officer

Find a dark blue or black button down shirt. Buy a badge from either a toy store, the dollar store, or for around 3 bucks from Amazon Prime. Borrow a walkie-talkie from someone and attach it to your dark blue or black dress pants. The final step? Knock on people's doors and loudly yell “P-SAFE!” just for the hell of it.

Disclaimer: You might be burdened with the task of McCosh-ing people. You also may or may not be arrested for impersonating an officer.



This is best done in groups. Wear layers of dress as if you are preparing for unpredictable weather in an unfamiliar area. Carry a camera around and even wear the straps around your neck. Take pictures of every beautiful building on your way to the street, and be sure to take candid and up-close-and-personal pictures of students you don’t even know. Bonus points if you can get your entire zee group to dress up as your entourage.


Grade Deflation

This one is easy. Just wear something that resembles a monster or anything remotely evil. Or just wear a white shirt and use a red sharpie to write B+ on the front. Print a thousand sheets of paper with a B+ written on them and toss them at students everywhere you go.


John Nash

Wanna be famous for one night? Wear a dark blue or maroon sweater. Temporarily dye your hair a light shade of gray. Go to Frist, buy a sandwich, and try not to be annoyed with the plethora of students secretly trying to take selfies with you. Once you make it to the street, try to explain game theory to as many people as you can, in the most confusing way you can.

Disclaimer: Sorry, but you probably won’t be featured in A Beautiful Mind: The Sequel.


A Tiger

This is the default costume for a Princetonian. If you don’t like any of the rest of these ideas, use this costume as your back-up. You can make this outfit as sexy or as scary as you’d like. You could wear a tight, tiger-striped dress with a tail. Or you could wear anything orange and black with stripes. Face-paint is a must.


A Sexy Syringe

Since we’re still giving out meng shots, this costume could be a hit. Wear a plain blue or yellow dress. Use white puffy paint to write measurements on the side of your dress. Write #beatmeng going down the middle. Try finding a silver or white hat to wear so people can push your head down as if they are giving the vaccine. Wear either gray boots, gray leggings or even a gray skirt to represent the needle. You’ll be able to look good while also repelling anyone who’s carrying meningitis.

Disclaimer: You can’t actually go around kicking people in an attempt to vaccinate them.


Yik Yak

Wear a turquoise shirt or a dress. Use brown and white felt to create the Yak logo. Use felt to create the up-vote and down-vote arrows as well. Bonus: carry around sharpies and ask strangers to compose Yaks on you.


A Senior Thesis

Print the pages of a former student’s thesis. Staple the pages together in such a way that it forms an outfit, whether it be a dress or a t-shirt or something else. The more pages in the thesis, the better.

Disclaimer: No, this does not mean you can graduate now.



Not many people will be able to pull this off. Wear a red or orange tie, and a blue or brown suit. Leave your hair wispy at the top and slightly parted to the side. Borrow glasses from someone who has a pair that are squarish-oval. Don’t forget your smile, do forget your grade deflation (woot!).

Disclaimer: This does not mean you run the school.


So, there you have it! Here’s your list of 10 costumes you can easily put together. Now the only problem is making sure no one copies your costume…

Happy Princetoween!




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