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Whether you're a PTLing senior or a freshman looking to plan out your next three years, Prox brings you the definitive list of things to do at Princeton before you graduate.

1. Sled down the hill by Whitman after it snows.

2. Naked lap someone/run a naked lap.

3. Sunday Funday.

4. Have a Thursday dinner at the Grad College.

5. (Attempt to) Finish a Hoagie Haven hoagie.

6. Prospect 12.

7. Drink with your R.C.A.

8. Holi.

9. Eat the ice cream they sell in Lewis Library.

10. Become (Facebook) friends with Jeff Nunokawa.

11. Stargaze on the golf course.

12. Tour the Princeton University Art Museum.

13. Go on a date to Blue Point Grill.

14. Take a selfie with John Nash.

15. Pull an all-nighter to study after going out to the Street.

16. Play a piece on the Frist piano.

17. Have a meal at Prospect House.

18. Study in the Princeton Public Library.

19. Take a ride in a P-Safe car.

20. Watch a boat race.

21. Newman’s Day.

22. Sing karaoke at Ivy Inn on a Wednesday.

23. Have dinner at a co-op.

24. Ride every single tiger statue.

25. Kayak on Lake Carnegie.

26. Read Harry Potter in Holder Courtyard.

27. Dip your feet (and maybe the rest of you) in the Fountain of Freedom next to Robertson Hall.

28. Go to a Blair Arch sing.

29. Go to Forbes Sunday brunch.

30. Watch a football game.

31.Play volleyball on the Wilson sand volleyball court.

32. Help tourists take a picture.

33. Take a picture with tourists.

34. Watch a show or a game sponsored by your residential college for $25.

35. Help someone who is struggling with homework.

36. Go to every single Reunions you can make it to.

37. Visit a professor during office hours and have a real conversation.

38. Look through the telescope in Peyton Hall.

39. Hook up in Firestone.

40. Attempt the Cheeburger Pounder Challenge.


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