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Princeton students are a diverse bunch. We sing, act and dance, we enjoy reading and organic chemistry, we are involved in social organizations and investment banks. But if there’s one thing that brings us all together, it’s studying. And where you study says a lot about you as a person.

Frist Campus Center


Studying isn’t really your goal. It’s all about seeing and being seen. And late meal.

Firestone Library


You are far too classy for us mere mortals.

Residential College Library, 5 p.m.


Your room is probably clean, and you make it to the dining hall for breakfast every morning. I’m not sure you exist. I hate you. I want to be you.

Residential College Library, 3 a.m.


You are human misery personified. Godspeed, you poor soul.

Cafe Viv


You’re a hipster. It’s cool. We respect your life choices.

Your bed


You are an irredeemable optimist. Good luck, buddy.

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