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The Prox scouts out your favourite places to do your business on campus.

Tyler Rudolph ’16: Chancellor Green’s bathroom

Dee Luo ’16: downstairs bathroom of Frist

Philomina Kane ’17: bathrooms in McDonnell Hall

Mohammad Mousavian ’15: third floor of Frist

Anonymous male student: women’s bathroom

Rebecca Dresner ’14: CJL basement

Aded Yako ’17: my own bathroom (Forbes)

Christine Chun ’15: Frick Chemistry Laboratory

Eric Xu ’17: Studio ’34 bathroom

Eric Hopper ’16: downstairs bathroom of Frist

Anonymous: second floor of Frist

Molly Reiner ’17: the one in my quad

Jake Schade ’17: Sherrerd Hall

Daniel Sikavi ’16: second floor of Walker and downstairs bathroom of Frist

Caroline Chiaroni ’16: downstairs bathroom of Frist

Anonymous: East Asian Library

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