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Ah, late meal. A privilege that every underclassman has and every upperclassman wants, an additional three hours of utter food ecstasy. But how exactly do we approach the $5.95 lunch and $6.95 dinner limits, all the while abiding by guidelines, like no more than two pre-packaged items at any one time, that stand in the way of all our food dreams? Worry not, for here is a guide that’s got your back!

The Fitness Freak: The perfect late meal for those “cutting back” or “on a new diet.”

2 big bottles of Princeton water

Total: $5.90

The Veg: For all those animal-loving-tree-hugging-vegan-eating tigers.

Grab-and-go veggie sandwich

One whole fruit

Small grab-and-go veggie salad

Total: $6.95

The International Lover: May apply to actual international students who simply miss a good home meal or for those of us who just love a good ole ’dilla.

Small quesadilla/Slice of Neapolitan pizza

Vegetable sushi

Total: $6.95

The Fatty: Enough said.

Two hot dogs with fries

16 oz. fountain soda

Two David’s cookies

Total: $6.95


The Best Value For Money: Perhaps the smartest and most economically satisfying combo you can get. The more, the merrier.

Two slices of Neapolitan pizza

Small cookie

Small Princeton water

Bag of chips

Total: $6.95

Happy Munching!

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