The name Bieber sparks reactions in certain people, although it seems that which Bieber doesn’t always matter.

Just ask David Bieber '14 whose Twitter handle @Bieber receives many misdirected tweets from frantic tween fans. “Mostly I get a lot of ‘I love you @Bieber!!!! <3’ messages,” he told the New York Post in a recent article.

Having secured the username in mid-2012, Bieber, a student in the computer science department, tweets more about C++ than Selena Gomez. Still, the confusion is understandable. The popstar’s official account, @justinbieber, is the most followed on Twitter. Accidentally shooting off a tweet to @Bieber is clearly just too easy for some of his 45 million followers.

Despite the occasional hate mail and calls for him to forfeit his username, David Bieber is a good sport about the situation. There is no shortage of

“I’m a belieber” he jokes in his lighthearted responses to the accidental messages.

“Yeah, I get a lot of misdirected at-mentions,” Bieber tweeted about the situation, “but – silver lining here – my Klout has skyrocketed.”

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