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caution tape

10:30 p.m.:All clear, the University tweets.

10:16 p.m.:The concert in Richardson Auditorium has ended. Attendees are leaving without difficulty.

10:05 p.m.:Photo of caution tape tied to a lamppost north of campus. Caution tape is cordoning off the Nassau Hall area. Photo credit Patience Haggin.

9:55 p.m.:Students at Ezra Klein's talk in Whig Hall were told by Public Safety told consider everything south of Whig to be "all clear". If attempting to go to north campus, students were told to walk all the way to Alexander Street. Nassau Hall is north of Whig Hall.

9:44 p.m.: Photos of responders around campus. Photo credit Lilia Xie.


9:27 p.m.: SecondPTENS voice message to students. "Police are still on the scene. No injuries reported. Stay away from the Nassau Hall area."

A helicopter is seen and heard circling campus.

Students at the Ezra Klein lecture in Whig Hall were evacuated to the basement and told to stay put until they received an "all clear," according to Whig president Matthew Saunders '15.

9:01 p.m.:A Public Safety van that says "Special Services" has pulled up between Richardson Auditorium and Nassau Hall. The five Princeton police cars on Nassau Hall are all empty.

The Ezra Klein lecture in Whig Hall has been evacuated to the basement. Students are being told to leave at their own risk.

8:45 p.m.: Students receive email from Princeton Alert. "Report of gunshots at Nassau Hall. Stay away from the area. Updates to follow."

8:41 p.m.:PTENS has been activated. Students are receiving automated messages on their cell phones. "Police responded to reports of gunshots at Nassau Hall. Stay away from the area. No injuries reported. Updates to follow."

8:37 p.m.:Activity in the area is going on undisturbed. A concert at Richardson Auditorium is still going on with no disturbances, according to a host of the event. A reception at Caldwell House and a photoshoot at East Pyne courtyard are still ongoing.

Five police cars are stationed on Nassau St. A number of Public Safety officers are conducted the perimeter.

8:25 p.m.:An anonymous Public Safety officer confirms a police emergency around Nassau Hall. There are unconfirmed reports ofpossible gunshots fired.

Police are doing a perimeter.

Emily Wibberley '14 was approaching the gates with friends when Princeton police cars pulled up. "Guys got out with rifles drawn and went onto campus," Wibberley said. "They were around the gates for a while, and then they walked back in and went into Nassau Hall."

Public Safety is directing students who approach the area to go around other pathways.

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