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Your friendly neighborhood map to Mamoun's

Praise be, the hegemony that the Frist food gallery has long held over Princeton’s late-night drunk-munchies market appears at end: according to theTimes of Trenton,legendary Greenwich Village falafel jointMamoun’shas announced plans to open a location at 20 Witherspoon St. in the fall. As any one of the scores of Princetonians who have spent summers interning downtown could tell you, this changes everything.

Prices appear to vary according to location, but across the restaurant’s New York City, New Haven, New Brunswick and Hoboken sites, vegetarian sandwiches ballpark at around $3 and meat sandwiches at around $6. A mango juice will cost around $2-3, which you’ll definitely need if you do Mamoun’s right and drizzle their house hot sauce all over your sandwich of choice. As keen observer of the human condition andYelp reviewerAndrew S. puts it, “BEWARE the spicy sauce is spicier than anything I had in other countries. Maybe it’s because I’m white, but if you don’t have an iron-clad digestive system, make sure you have pepto bismal [sic].” After years of performing such gastronomic feats as consuming buffalo chicken tender pizzas — with fries! — at the tender 2 a.m. hour, I think the collective student body is ready.

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