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Hey, what are you doing in 4 or so hours?!? Check out Pattern is Movement, an indie-rock duo from Philly, followed by MATTHEWDAVID, LA's experimental&electronic music-making god TONIGHT at Terrace!!!

Pattern is Movement: damn, all the sounds! Super diverse and just flat-out beautiful. Peep theirbandcampfor their recent creations! I absolutely love their self-tited newest album.Here are some favorites:

"River": hypnotic, like an electronic mantra, coupled by soft wailing--super enticing. Like damn. Lemme hear that again.

"Climb To Me": voices are like horns, harmonies have a Beirut feel...but thenvoices can be like strings, orchestral. I almost hear some Mutual Benefit in this. Amazing vocals, filled with quiet emotion and yearning. Yum.

"Rum": starts with a more tropical feel, then it builds and builds, all the different nuances of the song come out in which the arpeggios of the keyboard give it a classical music vibe; the keyboard's pulsingsounds are like raindrops against foggy horns and cloudy bass.

WHAT'S COOL ABOUT THESE GUYS: repetitive instrumentals and lyrics layer, intertwine, build off each other, almost like puzzle pieces, but the bits that don't fit make the sound slightly more edgy, less clean, more loose, more danceable, more fun, more interesting. Everything is salient. Close your eyes for this!

MATTHEWDAVID:Musical innovation at its finest. I am totally bookmarking this guy's soundcloud.

"All You'll Ever Know" atmospheric yet also kind of sounds like you are running across many different terrains and really experiencing the outdoors...I don't know about you but I feel that adrenaline going UP and PUMPING.

"In My World": let him sing it to ya. Super sweet, rich, soulful vocals. On that R&B grind, except seriously mixing it up with with changing rhythms and synth-y sounds. Let's take it down a notch.

"What Would You Say About Me?" (mix of Fiyah Flames): a little more hustle here. Emotions are on high. Get into them. Bounce to the beat.

"Smoke Hustle mix": Throwback--I hear a little bit of the 70s sound (Tears for Fears, maybe?) Either way, I freaking love it. Throw your head around, snap, step and clap. This is so funky. Groove, break it down.


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