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Porter R

Porter R

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Porter Robinson has been relatively inactive for almost a year, since releasingEasy, a collaboration with Mat Zo, last April. Before that, fans might remember Beatport #1 anthem “Language” (2012), the track that catapulted Porter Robinson to the top of the EDM world.

“Sea of Voices” signals a departure from Porter Robinson’s earlier work, as Porter Robinson himself has already made clear, saying this record is “not a party record at all.” Nowhere to be found are the heavy bass drops or electro-driven melodies that characterized his work up until this point. Instead, we are left with, well, something else—something much more reminiscent of M83, than say, Skrillex.


While there is no release date set forWorldsyet, we can already get a taste of the direction Porter Robinson is heading. At age 21, Porter Robinson has already achieved genre-transcending maturity, as he now seems poised to enter a bold new era of electronic music, one with less focus on dance, but more focus on beauty.

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