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- Ellen's killing this Oscar's introduction.


8:35- Meryl has been nominated 18 times. WOWOWOW.

8:37 - This time, let's bring the Oscar to Jennifer she doesn't trip at another awards show.

8:39 - "Please welcome our first white presenter, Anne Hathaway!"

8:42- Jared Leto wins Best Supporting Actor forDallas Buyers Club! Hair game is on point.

8:46 -Ellen tweeting on the stage of The Oscars. Classic.

8:47 - LSD, Jim Carrey, and animation. Three things that definitely go together.

8:50- That movie compilation makes me anxious to watchFinding Dori next year... if it comes out next year.

8:51 - Pharrell's dancing with Lupita, Meryl, and Amy Adams! (Amy was gettin' it!)

8:53 - Let's all remember the fact that Pharrel is 40. Soak it in.

8:58 - Catherine MartinwinsAchievement in Costume Design for The Great Gatsby!This is her 3rd Oscar and 6th nomination!

9:00 - The Oscar forAchievement in Makeup and Hair Styling goes to Robin Matthews. Sooo much makeup.

9:02 - Harrison Ford said that Marlon Brandon said "You give blood to their fantasies." What?

9:04- I reallly need to seeDallas Buyers Club.I want to see Jared Leto in drag.

9:05 - Channing Tatum. YES. Introducing Team Oscar.

9:10 - Ellen gives Bradley Cooper lottery tickets. Scratch offs. I wonder if he'll have to share if he actually wins.

9:11 - Apparently actors have no experience with animation...or acting.

9:12 - Mr. Hulbot wins bestBest Animated Short Film! A film about a man and his mechanical dog? Maybe.

9:14 - Merci to you, Mr. Laurent Witz.

9:15- The Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film goes to...FROZEN! Big surprise there.

9:17 - Sally Field. A stranger to those who don't know her.

9:22 - The Oscar forAchievement in Visual Effects goes to Tim Weber et. al forGravity!

9:23 - Ellen sitting in Zac Efron's seat because he's on stage. Only Ellen.

9:24 - Check out Karen O and Ezra singing "Moon Song" from Her!!!! So gooood.

9:31 - This category is full of films that were 40 minutes or less. The winner forBest Live Action Short Film goes to Anders Walter Kim Magnusson forHelium.

9:33 - The Oscar forBest Documentary Short Subject goes toThe Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life.

9:35 - I'm miss Ellen. Oh wait. There she is. Making everyone happy.


9:38/39 - 20 Feet from Stardomwins Best Documentary Feature. Dang. This lady has some SOUL. SANG IT SISTA.

9:50 - The Great Beauty winsBest Foreign Language Film! Italy has been received a pooop ton of Oscar nominations. (28) Another winner wasLife is Beautifulwhich won for Best Actor in Leading Role, Best Music, Original Dramatic Score, and Best Picture in 1999!

9:53- Ellen changed clothes. Cray cray. Still looks fly.

9:55 - U2 performs. They apparently can't feel ordinary love? Something seems a bit off...

10:02 - Ellen, Liza Minnelli, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Channing Tatum, Jennifer Lawrence, Lupita Nyong'o, Jared Leto, and Brad Pitt in the most retweeted photo in history.

10:03 - "I've never tweeted!" - Meryl Streep

10:06 - Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron omg. YESSS. Stumbling in the classiest of ways.

10:07 -Gravitywins the Oscar for Sound Mixing!

10:08 - Look at that awesome hijabi from Team Oscar. You go girl. Love the outfit.

10:09 - The Oscar forAchievement in Sound Editing goes toGravity.Glenn Freemantle was also nominated forSlumdog Millionaire.

10:11 - Ellen added a scarf. So much is going on.

10:15- The Oscar for Best Supporting Actress goes to Lupita Nyong'o of12 Years A Slave!FINALLLLLY! She's getting so much love from the audience and she looks stunning in that blue dress.

10:17 - "No matter where you're from, your dreams are valid." Lupita Nyongo'o

10:20 - PIZZA IS HERE!

10:21 -This guy must be in heaven!

10:22 - "Kerry Washington is pregnant. She needs some." - Ellen

10:26 - The Oscar forAchievement in Cinematography goes to Emmanuel Lubezki forGravity!

10:29 - I see you Gabourey!

10:30 - The Oscar for Film Editing goes to Alfonso Cuaron et al. forGravity.

10:32 - Whoopi Goldberg reminding us of how awesomeThe Wizard of Oz is with her ruby slippers.


10:42 - Ellen is definitely the good witch.

10:44 - The Oscar forProduction Design and Set Decoration goes toBeverly Dunn and Katherine Martin forThe Great Gatsby!

10:58- Bette Midler, y'all. Bette Midler.

11:03 - The most retweets in history in LESS THAN AN HOUR! You go Ellen!

11:08 - LET IT GO! LET IT GO!

11:11 - Ellen changed yet again. 3rd time's the charm?

11:12 -Jamie Foxx, what are you doing?

11:14 - The Oscar for Best Music (Original Score) goes to for Steven Price forGravity!

11:16 - The Oscar for Best Song goes to Kristen Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez for "Let it Go" fromFrozen!Robert is one of few who have won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony!

11:23 - Ellen's walking down the aisle with that hat like she's collecting tithes.

11:24 - The Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay goes to John Ridley for12 Years A Slave!

11:27 -The Oscar for Best Original Screenplay goes to Spike Jonze forHer!

11:34 - Alfonso Cuaron wins the Oscar for Best Director for the filmGravity!

11:35 - How many Oscars isGravity going to get tonight?

11:37 - Everyone was confused when Ellen said the whole thing was over. It ain't over.

11:44- Best Actress in a Leading Role goes to Cate Blanchett forBlue Jasmine!

11:45 - "Julia, #suckit" - Cate Blanchett

11:48 - "Why are you laughing? You think this is funny?" - Jennifer Lawrence

11:50 - The Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role goes to Matthew McConaughey for his role inDallas Buyer Club!

11:53 - Matthew McConaughey, please wrap up your speech. I have homework to do.

11:56 - The winner of Best Picture is12 Years A Slave!


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