Vulfpeck knows all about groove. When they perform, heads start to bob, feet start stomping on their own. The listener gets lost in the repetition, pulled into the pulse. It’s a certain kind of energy that’s difficult to define yet impossible to ignore, and it’s precisely the kind of energy that defines the music of Vulfpeck. The band, based out of Michigan, consists of five guys (Jack Stratton,Theo Katzman, Woody Goss, Joey Dosik, and Joe Dart). Their serious reputation for groove proceeds them, as nearly half a million youtube views suggest. And they’re fun to watch.

Check out their tune “Adrianne & Adrienne” --


Great bassline? Yes. Sexy chords? Check. Tasty beats? No doubt. As soon as the song starts, time and rhythm are set in stone, and it’s a thrill to get pulled along by the momentum of the music. Vulfpeck’s tunes are lighthearted fun with a serious backbeat, and you never want them to stop. It’s not virtuosic playing, it doesn’t overwhelm the listener with production and technique. Sometimes there isn’t even a melody. Just groove.

Students on the Princeton campus this coming week are in for a treat. Vulfpeck, currently on tour, will be making a stop in Princeton before they hit New York on Friday. The tour follows the band’s release ofMy New Car, Vulfpeck’s third album (available on iTunes and Bandcamp). Head over to Terrace on October 3rd if you’re ready to get down and experience some serious musical synergy.

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