Recently arrested for possession, but promptly released As If! Ghost Night Time, My Time Night Time, My Time


I first heard this song when I was lounging around at my friend's house this summer. I didn't know what it was called or who it was by until I finally checked out Sky at the beginning of this school year. I was blown away by the softness of her voice, the simplicity of the video, and the groove of the whole song. With an older 90's electronic style, I was hooked on this song.

With a repertoire of strong and memorable songs, such as "One" and "Lost in My Bedroom," Sky is on the up and up. I am, like I said earlier, ECSTATIC to listen to her upcoming debut album. If you want to hear a preview of what's on the album, she recently released a video for her newest single "You're Not the One." The dark, grunge, dangerous feel is still prevalent, and still awesome. Soon, Sky will certainly have her time and it's going to be a sight to see and music to freak out over.

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