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USG proposes new Projects Board approval process, updates from committee chairs

Two presenters stand next to a presentation screen.
The USG Projects Board Co-Chairs give a presentation on the potential pre-check process at the meeting on March 24.
Alena Zhang / The Daily Princetonian

The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) Senate convened for its sixth meeting of the spring semester on Sunday, March 24, diving into discussions ranging from a Project Board presentation to committee chair updates.

USG Projects Board is responsible for distributing funds for student events. Projects Board Co-Chairs Ava Seigel ’26 and Joanna Tafolla ’26 spearheaded a 20-minute presentation, delving into the intricacies of spring data, trends, and an updated process. They highlighted a significant increase in event requests over the years, averaging to over 20 requests per week, and a notable rise in funding requests of $750 per semester.


Seigel is an assistant Sports editor for The Daily Princetonian.

The presentation proposed a new pre-check process aimed at streamlining the approval process for requests totaling $750 and below. Through the current process, groups applying for funding of any amount must submit a Student Activities Funding Engine application by Monday at midnight and sign up for a Thursday meeting with the Projects Board committee. Groups requesting less than $750 must initiate this process two weeks before the event, and those requesting above $750 must apply three weeks before the event. 

Under the new proposed system, groups with event requests below $750 could bypass in-person approval interviews. Following a preliminary review, the Projects Board would then convene to discuss final decisions, eliminating the need for individual interviews.

Eligible groups would also need to adhere to application timelines and meet specific programmatic expectations, including educational value, accessibility to the undergraduate community, and alignment with certain criteria outlined by the Projects Board.

“With the increasing proportion of groups that we’re seeing with these larger requests, we are hoping to complement systems that streamline processes for everyone, making sure that we have the most time possible to speak with [organizations] that are having the higher dollar amount, oftentimes more complex events,” Seigel said.

The meeting then featured a 10-minute presentation by co-president Adriana Alvarado ’25 on behalf of the Princeton Latin American Student Association (PLASA). Alvarado highlighted PLASA’s recent expansion, both in team size and initiatives, with committees ranging from a professional development team to an alumni outreach team. 


“We try to be very intentional about creating events that represent the intersectional identities within the Latino community,” Alvarado said. 

She elaborated that continued funding from USG was underscored as essential to support PLASA’s ongoing endeavors. Alvarado also mentioned that PLASA has been working on organizing a “multicultural coalition” across affinity groups in partnership with the Office of Diversity & Inclusion.

Additionally, the meeting included insights from a short panel committee comprising of chairs from various USG committees — including Campus and Community Affairs, University Social Life, Mental Health, and Sustainability — to share updates on current initiatives.

Genevieve Shutt ’26 discussed ongoing projects such as Tigers in Town and Porchfest. Jenna Elliott ’25 highlighted the University Social Life Committee’s focus on foundational practices and maintaining awareness of student needs. Meera Kochhar ’25 outlined the Mental Health Committee’s initiatives, including first-year support and monthly mental health luncheons. Quentin Colón Roosevelt ’27 emphasized the Sustainability Committee’s efforts to reduce waste and promote environmentally conscious practices on campus.

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USG meetings are open for all students to attend and are held on Sundays from 4 to 5 p.m. in Robertson Hall 016.

Alena Zhang is a staff News writer for the ‘Prince.’

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