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Attar and Tripathi take over USG Senate as 11 newcomers elected

Posters of the USG president and vice president candidates are pinned on the tack board by McCosh Hall.
Jean Shin / The Daily Princetonian

After a competitive vice presidential election, Srista Tripathi ’25 secured the position against Chase Magnano ’25 and Warren Shepherd ’27. The results of the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) winter election were released on Friday, Dec. 8 in an email sent to the student body by current USG President Stephen Daniels.

“I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to represent the student body as Vice President, I look forward to being able to help make positive changes among the student body moving forward, and I’m so thankful to all those who supported and voted for me,” wrote Tripathi in a statement to The Daily Princetonian.


Tripathi received 54.4 percent of the votes and Magnano received 45.6 percent of the votes in the second round of the vote calculation. In the first round, Tripathi, Magnano, and Shepherd received 48.2 percent, 39.1 percent, and 12.7 percent of the vote respectively, meaning Shepherd’s voters split their second choice relatively equally between Magnano and Tripathi. USG Chief Elections Officer Alex Sorgini ‘26 explained in a statement to the ‘Prince’ that the platform used to run elections, Election Runner, “automatically conducts the subsequent round(s) if no candidate has a majority of first choice votes,” providing a diagram from the Election Runner website to outline the process. The process is commonly known as Ranked Choice Voting (RCV).

pasted image 0.png

The voting platform conducts subsequent rounds if no candidate has a majority of first choice votes.

Courtesy of USG Chief Elections Officer Alex Sorgini.

As anticipated, Avi Attar ‘25 was elected president securing 79 percent of the vote against Braiden Aaronson ‘25, whose name remained on the ballot despite dropping out of the race on Monday morning. Aaronson received 21 percent of the vote. Uma Fox ‘26 was elected as treasurer by a 16 percent margin against Aum Dhruv ‘27. The president, vice president, and treasurer are the three executive positions within the USG. 

“I am so grateful for the opportunity. I am excited to deliver on the goals I discussed during the campaign. And I am wishing a big congratulations to other candidates who found success today,” wrote Attar in a statement to the ‘Prince.’ 

Of the first-years running against a junior or sophomore, Dhruv, a member of the Class of 2027 Class Council, had the highest vote count. Aside from two Class of 2027 Senators, Quentin Colón Roosevelt ‘27 was the only first-year elected, winning the position as Sustainability Committee Chair. He was running against Tom Hobbs ‘27.

In total, 11 candidates were elected who had not previously been elected or served in an elected position in the USG Senate. This is a significant increase from last year, when only five elected USG members were new to the Senate. Only one candidate who has served in the USG Senate, Aishwarya Swamidurai ’26, lost a contested election.


Genevieve Shutt ‘26, who currently serves as U-Councilor and was elected as Campus & Community Affairs Committee Chair, commented on the election in a statement to the ‘Prince.’ “This USG election cycle felt very different from previous ones I have participated in due to the energy from new members, and I was thrilled to see people not previously involved in USG win positions. This new dynamic comes with new energy and ideas in senate meetings,” Shutt said. She added, “I was very pleased to see first-year students engage in this election whether it be supporting a friend‘s campaign, running for a position, or voting.”

Results for all other positions were also made available via email. Jenna Elliot ‘25 was voted Undergraduate Student Life Committee Chair, Vivian Bui ‘26 was voted Academics Chair, Enzo Kho ‘26 was voted Social Committee Chair, Abby Lu ‘26 was voted Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Chair and Meera Kochhar ‘25 was voted Mental Health Committee Chair.

In contested races for senator positions, Nicco Platt ’25 and Gustavo Blanco ’25 were elected for the Class of 2025, Jack Ganley '26 and Samuel Licón Kligman ‘26 were elected for the Class of 2026, and Oscar Barrios ‘27 and Sid Shah ‘27 were elected for the Class of 2027.

Nandini Krishnan is a staff News writer and chief USG correspondent for the ‘Prince.’ She can be reached at nandinikrishnan[at]

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