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Eight points: Princeton’s football loss to Yale in photos

A football player in Yale attire attempts to intercept the football while getting tackled by a football player in Princeton attire.
Despite their loss, the Princeton Tigers were able to successfully take down the Bulldogs multiple times.
Ryland Graham / The Daily Princetonian
Yale football players on the left and Princeton football players on the right get in position to start the next play.
Members of the Princeton and Yale football team line up before the start of a play.
Ammaar Alam / The Daily Princetonian.
A Yale football player jumps to catch the football.
Catch after catch, the Yale Bulldogs beat Princeton in this year's game.
Ryland Graham / The Daily Princetonian
2 Princeton cheerleaders do cartwheels with multiple other cheerleaders dancing in the background.
Throughout the game, Princeton's cheerleaders brought energy to the game, pushing the Tigers to do their best.
Ammaar Alam / The Daily Princetonian
The bleachers of Power Stadium filled with supporters of the Princeton football team.
In hopeful anticipation of a win and a bonfire, Princeton students filled the stands for the football game against Yale.
Ryland Graham / The Daily Princetonian
A football player in Princeton colors with the number 80 watches the scoreboard.
Cooper Koers '26 watches the scoreboard in anticipation.
Ryland Graham / The Daily Princetonian
A football player of Yale with the number 12, runs across the end zone while being chased by a Princeton football player.
Osize Daniyan, a Yale first-year, avoided many tackle attempts from the Tigers, scoring yet another touchdown.
Ryland Graham / The Daily Princetonian
A football player from Princeton with the number 25 and a football player with the number 3 get ready for the next play.
Matthew Mahoney, Princeton '25, and Sean Guyton, Yale '25 go back to the line of scrimmage after a player was tackled.
Ammaar Alam / The Daily Princetonian
A Yale football player succesfully catching the football in the end zone while a Princeton player unsuccesfully attempts to tackle him.
Mason Tipton, Yale '24, successfully caught the ball in the endzone, pushing the Bulldogs towards their eventual win.
Ammaar Alam / The Daily Princetonian
Multiple football players from the Princeton team look up at the scoreboard disappointingly.
As the game neared the end, the Tigers watched the scoreboard clock tick down with Yale ahead.
Ammaar Alam / The Daily Princetonian

Ammaar Alaam and Ryland Graham are contributing photographers for the 'Prince.'

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