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The Water Cycle

Panel 1: A student works on the computer with a water bottle next to them, and arrow points to panel 2. Panel 2: The student shakes the water bottle and states, "Huh, empty"; an arrow points to the next panel. Panel 3: The student is shown in a Lord of the Rings like cloak holding the lantern and the water bottle. The door is swinging open and the background is darkness. An arrow points to panel 4. Panel 4: The student is running so fast in the hallway in their pajamas and cloak. Zoom! An arrow points to panel 5. Panel 5: The student fills up their water bottle in the filtered sink faucet. An arrow points to panel 6. Panel 6: Water pours into the students mouth and the word "Hydration" is spelled out with sparkles. An arrow points to panel 1.