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<h6>Veena Krishnaraj / The Daily Princetonian</h6>
Veena Krishnaraj / The Daily Princetonian

Home away from home, finding community at Princeton

For a special issue on Asian communities on campus, the Daily Princetonian asked students around campus from a variety of backgrounds, what has been the biggest contributor in finding a community at Princeton?

Student holds the flag of the Philippines.
Veena Krishnaraj / The Daily Princetonian

Most of the time it’s very spontaneous — whether be it in a Princeton event or dance auditions. It always starts with “let’s grab a meal,” and after we just click. - Enzo Kho ’26

Student stands in the center, holding the flag of Thailand.
Veena Krishnaraj / The Daily Princetonian

The daily interaction with friends. Getting to check in and see how my roommates are doing or friends I haven’t seen in a while. - Keith Matanachai ’26

Student in the center holds the flag of India.
Veena Krishnaraj / The Daily Princetonian

It’s been the opposite of what one would expect. Rather than bonding over my similarities with people I have found a great community in exploring our differences. Dissecting the different backgrounds from which all my peers come and still being close to them has been a quintessential “Princeton” experience. - Arnav Pandit ’26

Veena Krishnaraj / The Daily Princetonian

It’s definitely been my residential college, Forbes, Princeton Debate Panel, and the street. In all these spaces I’ve been able to meet people from so many different backgrounds and different perspectives and it has really cultivated an appreciation for diversity within me. We all enjoy each other’s company not because of the things we agree on, but more so because of how we look at things differently. - Sheheryar Fazal ’26

Veena Krishnaraj is a contributing photographer for the ‘Prince.’

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