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TigerHub portal takes incremental steps towards mobile access

A hand is holding a phone that shows TigerHub Mobile.
Jean Shin / The Daily Princetonian

TigerHub, Princeton’s official portal where students view their grades and schedules and pay their tuition, has come under a fair amount of criticism: “It’s clear from the look and feel of [TigerHub] that insufficient time and money have been allocated to make [it] easy to use and aesthetically on par with modern web standards,” wrote then-Contributing Columnist Christopher Lidard ’25 last fall.

The platform has recently begun to increase its mobile accessibility. Beginning Oct. 18, additional features were made available to students on TigerHub Mobile, a version of TigerHub accessible on mobile platforms. New features include the ability to view grades, request proof of enrollment, and view high school test scores and placement test results.


The ability to access the “Academic Year Sign-In” and “Personal Details” tabs through TigerHub Mobile were made available at the beginning of the academic year. Students still cannot view their class schedule or final exam schedules.

In an email to The Daily Princetonian, University spokesperson Ahmad Rizvi wrote that the mobile version was created “to provide mobile-friendly access to some of the student system features [previously] only available on the desktop format of TigerHub.”

Rizvi added that “the [Undergraduate Student Government] Academic Committee has encouraged the development of TigerHub Mobile as a priority in recent years.”

According to Rizvi, the development of TigerHub Mobile began in fall 2022, and the first feature roll out came in summer 2023 with “Academic Year Sign-In” for graduate students.

“[The Office of Information Technology] supports the student information system in partnership with the Office of the Registrar, and these offices worked together to launch the mobile version of TigerHub,” Rizvi said. “Significant development was not necessary since the released features are delivered with the student system. However, implementation did require some customization and formatting to create a TigerHub Mobile experience similar to the desktop version.”

Kayla Carmical ’27 found it beneficial to be able to access certain TigerHub features on a mobile device.


“I tried TigerHub Mobile shortly after it was launched, and I found it very useful as I am now able to use TigerHub on my phone without having to take out my laptop,” she said. “I think the ability to check grades and view test scores are the features that will be the most practical for students.”

“I’ll probably mainly be using it to check my grades,” Yiling Li ’26 said.

Rizvi said “there are no immediate plans for further additions to TigerHub Mobile,” but there are discussions regarding “potential future enhancement to the application.”

An Oct. 18 email from the Office of the Registrar sent to all undergraduate students stated that “We will continue to add features to the TigerHub mobile platform to help make your student academic record more immediately available.”

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Some students are hopeful that additional features will be added to the platform moving forward.

“I think that being able to access a detailed schedule on the phone would be very helpful, especially during the first few weeks of the semester,” Carmical said. “I also think it would be nice to be able to access exam schedules, which you can currently do on a laptop.”

“Room assignments often change at the start of the semester, and there is a schedule on the non-mobile version of TigerHub that updates these assignments,” Li said. “If I want to check my schedule during the beginning of the year and I haven’t downloaded it yet, then it would be useful to be able to check it on my phone.”

Ava Fonss is a News contributor for the ‘Prince.’

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