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Immunology in Rewilded Lab Mice w/ Grad Student Alexander E. Downie

Season 2, Episode 3


“Rewilded laboratory mice explore their outdoor enclosures at the Graham Lab's field site.”

Courtesy of Alexander E Downie

In this episode of Brains, Black Holes, and Beyond, Senna Aldoubosh and Ketevan Shavdia sit down with Alexander E. Downie, a Ph.D candidate in the Graham lab, to learn more about his upcoming dissertation on the immune susceptability of rewilded lab mice. Downie discusses his research with rewilded lab mice, a recent New Yorker article featuring the Graham lab, and advice for students pursuing grad school.


This episode of Brains, Black Holes, and Beyond (B cubed) was produced under the 147th board of the Prince in partnership with the Insights newsletter.

For more information about the Graham Lab, as well as the New Yorker article, feel free to visit the pages linked below.




Written and Hosted by Senna Aldoubosh and Ketevan Shavdia

Edited and Sound Engineered by Senna Aldoubosh

Transcript by Oyshee Lahiry

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Produced by Senna Aldoubosh

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