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Hit the sweet spot with Coffee Club’s spring drinks

coffee club spring drink dom media.jpg
Isabella Dail / The Daily Princetonian

Some of my favorite places to spend my dining points are at the Coffee Club’s two locations on campus. I frequently trek down to the modern New College West (NCW) storefront that overlooks Poe Field before an afternoon of studying. I also love the quaint café at Campus Club, with its homey vibe and frequent musical performances. Typically, I go for the basic, predictable iced vanilla latte. However, Coffee Club seasonally experiments with its menu and releases temporary items that reflect the weather, holidays, or mood of the campus. With the slowly-warming temperature of late-March and sunnier days, it was officially time for the collection of four new spring drinks to be unveiled. As a committed Coffee Club fan, I sought to break away from my conventional order and try them all.

These are the seasonal drinks to look out for:


1. Honey Lavender Latte

I have a bit of a bias in favor of this drink, as I suggested the idea for it via a social media survey by the Coffee Club a few weeks ago. But let me say, this drink is exactly what I envisioned when I had requested for it to be included on the menu. I opted for the iced version, and it was a perfectly refreshing beverage to sip as I walked to Firestone on a warm day. The honey adds a soft sweetness to the coffee, while the underlying notes of lavender bring a floral depth to the drink. It’s an unexpected flavor combination, but the Coffee Club balanced all the different aspects of the latte harmoniously. This spring, an iced honey lavender latte might become my new staple and officially replace the iced vanilla latte indefinitely.

2. Coconut Cold Foam Cold Brew

Although I am most often found at the NCW Coffee Club, I ventured to Campus Club in search of this coconut coffee, as the NCW location is not yet making this drink. However, it will be coming to NCW soon, so stay tuned!

Although the honey lavender latte is my favorite of the spring drinks, I enjoyed this coffee more than I expected. The strong cold brew propelled me through the rest of my eventful day. For people less interested in overly sugary drinks, this is a suitable option. The coconut foam adds a touch of sweetness once mixed in, but the layers of flavor are subtler, and the coffee has a more dominating taste. Additionally, the coconut foam was presented beautifully as a frothy layer dolloped atop the coffee. I recommend this drink particularly as a caffeine boost for people with a long day of studying ahead of them. 

3. Guava Mango Hibiscus Iced Tea


As a serious coffee lover, I was a little reluctant to deviate as far as tea. After trying the drink, I have decided that I still prefer a good cup of iced coffee. But, as far as tea goes, the guava mango hibiscus iced tea was an energizing option that reminded me of the slowly approaching summer. At first sight, the rich, dark red color of the drink is stunning. Additionally, the blend of teas balances a tart, fruity flavor with a mellow sweetness. Although I was unable to distinguish between the guava, mango, and hibiscus, I appreciate the combination of floral essences that the blend creates. This tea is perfect to drink outside on a temperate morning day after having a preliminary cup of coffee. My only complaint is the rather long name of the drink, which I most certainly fumbled when placing my order. The spring drinks, however, are conveniently labeled on a special board behind the counter, so it really isn’t that intimidating.

4. Honey Matcha

From my spring drink tasting sessions, I have learned that I am not a matcha person. The green tea flavor is too earthy for my taste. Although matcha slowly grew on me, I didn’t enjoy the honey matcha latte quite like the other spring drinks. However, I do think the matcha is a fitting choice for spring. The soft color evokes the pastel palette frequently associated with the season, and the tinted greenness reminded me of the blooming of spring. Additionally, the underlying flavors of honey complement the sweetness of the other spring drinks and ties the beverages’ theme together.

The Coffee Club spring drinks are a bright, refreshing collection that welcome the warmer seasons with their vibrant colors and sweet flavor profiles. At the very least, you’ll see me with an iced honey lavender latte for the rest of the year.

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Isabella Dail is a first-year and an associate editor for The Prospect at the ‘Prince.’ She can be reached at