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USG talks Campus Pub and Lawnparties, receives committee updates, and approves budget

Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 8.49.24 PM.png
Members and observers at the Feb. 19 USG meeting.
Courtesy of Aishwarya Swamidurai ‘26. 

The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) met on Sunday, Feb. 19 to approve the spring semester’s budget, confirm new committee members, receive committee updates, and discuss the Mental Health Work Organization. 

The budget, which had not been changed from the previous week, went through a second approval vote and passed unanimously. New committee members were also confirmed unanimously. 


Social Committee Chair Avi Attar ’25 provided updates on Lawnparties, explaining: “Regarding Lawnparties, we're in the process of announcing the date, and we're also in the process of beginning to send out bid letters to artists that we're interested in working with.”

Attar said that beyond investing in a headliner, he hoped to “invest in other areas of the event, particularly low-cost investments that will create a positive experience.” For example, Attar hopes to invest more resources in non-headliner events on Prospect street and student gatherings at the Freedom Fountain. 

Undergraduate Student Life Committee Chair Caitlin McNally ’24 spoke about creating better relaxation and communal spaces around campus. McNally spoke of plans to propose the reinstatement of the Campus Pub, formerly located in Chancellor Green when the New Jersey drinking age was temporarily lowered to 18. There have been various unsuccessful attempts to revive the pub, including the 2011 formation of a steering committee dedicated to the matter and a 2014 referendum.


USG President Stephen Daniels ’24 frequently shared plans to revive the Campus Pub in his campaign for the role. Daniels said that the Office of General Counsel is “looking into whether we could reuse one of the previously existing liquor licenses that hosted piloted events,” in order to restart Campus Pub.

McNally also said the committee will continue to have conversations about security cameras, focus on the international student experience, and attempt to ease student burdens surrounding construction. 

McNally provided updates on the Academics Committee in lieu of Academics Chair Srista Tripathi ’25. The committee is focusing on several goals: mental health in the academic context, the minors program, evaluation of the first-year experience, evolving academic policies as class sizes increase, and a TigerHub working group.

Sustainability Chair Sean Bradley ’24 said the committee was hoping to improve sustainability in campus dining and within eating clubs while further educating the student body on the topic. 

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Campus and Community Affairs Chair Isabella Sibaja ’26 said they are looking into whether “there’s means to push for more than the regulated $150” for Pay with Points as Tigers in Town expands. In regards to Pay with Points, Daniels clarified that sophomores actually receive a maximum of $300 (when the amount from both semesters is combined) through the program to offset eating club dues, as opposed to the previous $200. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair Uma Fox ’26 said the committee was looking into forming USG-Affinity group ties, creating affinity spaces, forming a gender-neutral bathroom commission, adding pronouns to TigerHub, and investigating PSAFE presence at student celebrations. The group will also be looking into increasing outreach to first-generation low-income (FLI) students, enhancing resources for non-traditional students, and improving culturally-informed attendance policies.   

The USG also confirmed a $1100 Project Boards expenditure by Kesher, a student-run reform Jewish community group in Princeton, to host an event with comedian Alex Edelman. The Projects Board is responsible for distributing USG funding to student organizations. The expenditure was approved unanimously. 

The USG then heard from class senator Noah Luch ’24 about the Mental Health Institute (MHI). He said the group was hoping to expand collaboration with not only other USG members, but also other members of the University community. Luch hopes to continue collaborative events like MHI luncheons where “students, admin faculty staff get together to talk about their own experiences and mental health on campus.” 

The group is also working on expanding mental health week and creating new support resources. Luch said he hopes to “advertise [the] group as a group where students can come in with a specific project or policy they have in mind. We can connect them with relevant people or talk them through some strategies for how to get things done.” The group was renewed as an ad-hoc community in a unanimous vote, with suggestions to promote it to a core committee at some point. 

The USG meetings are held on Sundays from 4–5 p.m. and are open for all students to attend. 

Nandini Krishnan is a News contributor for the ‘Prince.’

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Correction: This piece has been updated to reflect that bids have been sent to artists USG is interested in working with, not the final headliner. The Prince regrets this error.