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Opening day delayed for Coffee Club’s second location at New College West

coffee club Julian Gottfried DP (3).jpg
The menu at Coffee Club located in Campus Club.
Julian Gottfried / The Daily Princetonian

Coffee Club’s opening at New College West (NCW), originally set for Sunday, Sept. 25, has been delayed due to machinery issues. The delay stalls what would have been the opening of Coffee Club’s second location, as the student-run business currently operates its sole shop out of Campus Club.  

Coffee Club Executive Director Ava Vilensky ’23 told The Daily Princetonian that the opening is delayed “because we’re having some issues with the machinery in the shop and also the setup in terms of bar-flow.” 


“It’s different machines than we have at the Campus Club location,” Vilensky said.

Founded in 2019 by University students, Coffee Club is a beloved hangout spot on campus and offers a variety of drinks and pastries to customers. The new Coffee Club at NCW would offer the same menu as the original. 

Several students expressed excitement and anticipation about a second Coffee Club location. 

“I never really went [to Coffee Club] because it’s really far away,” Angel Dong ’25 said. “But now that it’s really close to me, I think I might actually visit the Coffee Club.” 

Kristen Weil ’25 said that the opening of the second location will help build a sense of community on the newest part of the University’s campus. 

“A lot of students are hanging down here and don’t really want to venture up towards Coffee Club, so I think it’s a great way to integrate [it] into this part of campus,” she said.  


Vilensky told the ‘Prince’ that given its location, the new Coffee Club would be frequented by a slightly different demographic. 

“We’ll definitely be having a lot of people who live in the residential colleges, [and] we’re expecting a lot more faculty and administration to be coming to this location,” she said. “There’s different types of departments down there that we’re hoping to collaborate with.”

To Olivia Hee ’23, the new location offers a distinct advantage for those living in and near the new colleges who want something from Coffee Club.

“I think it’s good because it’ll cover both halves of campus now that the middle of campus has really shifted down towards NCW,” she said. “It won’t be as hard for students living down in the lower half having to go all the way to what’s kind of considered now the upper half of campus.” 

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A new opening date has not been determined, but plans for decorating and advertising are underway.

“We’re hoping to hang up some posters to match the aesthetic of the Campus Club location and bring some of those elements to NCW because it has a very specific look to it,” Vilensky said.

Spreading the word about the new spot does not stop there, as Vilensky explained.

“We have banners ordered for McCosh walkway. We always do ground signs, so we have ground signs ordered. We’re also going to post around campus and on Instagram as our primary form of marketing,” she added. 

Although the new Coffee Club will evoke certain aspects of the original location, it will have unique elements to it.

“Something that we’ve definitely talked a lot about is how this new shop will stand in comparison to the Campus Club location,” Vilensky said. “It’s an extension of this shop, but it won’t be quite the same.” 

“We’re really excited about this new phase for the shop and excited to see how it transforms our business,” she added.

Janny Eng is a news staff writer for the 'Prince.' She can be reached at