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Introducing a new text-to-speech feature for our readers

A mantle and wall covered in newspapers and news paraphernalia.
As time progresses, the newsroom of The Daily Princetonian has become livelier with more staff in the space and art on the walls. 
Angel Kuo / The Daily Princetonian

On May 2, The Daily Princetonian launched a new text-to-speech feature powered by Ad Auris.

This feature can be found at the top of every ‘Prince’ article and is currently supported on mobile and desktop browsers. Listeners can speed up or slow down the narration based on their preferences.


Our hope is that this audio narration option will increase the accessibility of our publication. In our research, we found that conventional text-to-speech software may not offer a consistent audio experience for our articles. By offering a standard reading of our pieces, we hope to bypass these inconsistencies and offer a smooth listening experience for all of our readers.

We hope that visitors to the ‘Prince’ website will appreciate the flexibility to choose whether to read or listen to our articles. The ‘Prince’ will continue to improve the availability of this feature with time, and we appreciate any feedback you may have. Please direct feedback to

The ‘Prince’ Accessibility Working Group looks forward to continuing to make our coverage more accessible to all.

The Accessibility Working Group

Isabel Rodrigues, Chair (

Naomi Hess, Assistant Chair (