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Draft Day w/ Kevin O’Toole

Season 2, Episode 14 of Go With the Flo

Folarin Okulaja / The Daily Princetonian


In this episode, we chat with Kevin O’Toole ’22, who was recently drafted to the MLS by NYCFC, about balancing finishing out his Princeton degree with professional responsibilities, whether senior theses should be mandatory, Ronaldo versus Messi, and much more! 

This episode of Go With the Flo was produced under the 146th Managing Board of The Daily Princetonian. Kevin O’Toole is a senior in the School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. He can be reached at The views expressed in this podcast are the views of the host and guest speakers alone.  

To view the transcript for this episode, click “More Info” and then “Full Transcript” in the episode player. 


0:00 – 2:24  Kevin Intro

2:24 – 7:39  Soccer expectations for Princeton


7:39 – 15:04 Deciding on a gap year

15:04 – 17:17 Undefeated in the Ivy League

17:17 – 23:47 The process of getting drafted

23:47 – 28:26 Writing the thesis as a pro athlete

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28:26 – 31:43 Adjusting to a new speed of play

31:43 – 35:39 Meeting the team for the first time

35:39 – 39:38 New MLS trends

39:38 – 41:05 The best players to have played with

41:05 – 45:19 Debating GOATs

45:19 – 50:59 Musical identity segment

50:59 – 56:14 Tiger Confessions 

56:14 – 57:05 Outro


Hosted by Folarin Okulaja

Produced by Folarin Okulaja

Engineered by Ezra Shin

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