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Crying, Screaming, Fainting: A look back at Lawnparties through the eyes of Black women | The Orange Table Ep. 8

Episode 8 of the Orange table

In episode 8 of The Orange Table, co-hosts Omar Farah and Aishah Balogun sit  down with Toru Obunge ’24 and Nica Evans ’24 to discuss their experiences at Lawnparties this October. Many people will remember that the event was unruly, but few really understand the extent of the brutality that a group of Black students say they faced at the front of that crowd. There is a lesson in this story for everyone in our community from how gender and race play into our experiences of public space, to the University's crowd control policies, to our values as a social community.


This episode of The Orange Table was produced under the 145th Managing Board of The Daily Princetonian. Aishah Balogun is a junior in the Department of African American Studies. She can be reached at Omar Farah is the Content Strategist here at the ‘Prince.’ He is a junior in the Department of Religion and can be reached at

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