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Sheinerman ’23 elected 146th editor-in-chief of The Daily Princetonian

mr media.jpeg
Marie-Rose Sheinerman, 146th Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Princetonian
Courtesy of Marie-Rose Sheinerman

On Saturday, Nov. 20, after nearly eight hours of deliberations in Frist Campus Center, The Daily Princetonian’s staff elected Marie-Rose Sheinerman ’23 as the 146th editor-in-chief.

Sheinerman, a history concentrator from New York, N.Y., is currently a senior news writer, while also serving as an assistant content strategist and investigations editor. She also co-led the effort, along with Managing Editor AG McGee ’22, to pilot a financial stipend program for low-income ‘Prince’ staffers.


“It definitely wasn’t an easy process to make the decision to put myself up for this role and to say out loud that I think I can lead a 400-person organization,” Sheinerman said in an interview. “But I got to a point where I believed in my vision for the organization, and I believed in my ability to do what so many others have done for me at the ‘Prince.’”

The Daily Princetonian’s 146th Editor-in-Chief-elect Marie-Rose Sheinerman appears in the newsroom for the first time post-election and is, by tradition, pelted with crumpled copies of the ‘Prince.’
Caitlin Limestahl/The Daily Princetonian

Reflecting on her work for the ‘Prince’ thus far, Sheinerman said that she’s proudest of the major investigations she has published, including a recent piece looking into Princeton’s honor code and the allegations of inappropriate conduct against classics professor Joshua Katz.

“I’m hopeful [these investigations] have given a voice to people on campus who haven’t always had a voice,” Sheinerman said.

When asked about the goals for her tenure as editor-in-chief, Sheinerman had a simple answer.

“I hope to look back at the end of my board and see a paper that has been a genuine public service to the Princeton community,” Sheinerman said.


Sheinerman commended her opponents in the election, saying, “I know everyone I ran against and alongside has an incredible understanding of what our community needs to be and what our community needs from us.”

She ran against five other members of the Class of 2023: Evelyn Doskoch, Omar Farah, José Pablo Fernández García, Auhjanae McGee, and Rooya Rahin.

All candidates expressed their trust that Sheinerman would lead the organization well over the next year.

“I have full confidence in [Marie-Rose]. She’s just an incredible writer, editor, leader, and friend,” said Doskoch, who currently serves as Co-Head News Editor. “I think we’re going to continue to grow in a lot of exciting ways to continue bettering our content.”

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Farah, who currently serves as Head Content Strategist for the ‘Prince,’ expressed similar sentiments.

“As a journalist, as an editor, and as a person, I’m super confident in Marie-Rose’s ability to lead the paper, and it was an honor to run against her, and I can’t wait to work with her,” he said.

“I think this election attracted the candidates who represent the future of the ‘Prince,’ in my opinion,“ he continued. “So many of my colleagues, and myself, honestly, come from backgrounds that aren’t usually associated with leadership. Seeing them run was extremely, extremely inspiring. I think it has to be our central focus in this next board to kind of keep up those efforts of inclusion that led to this kind of candidate pool.”

Fernández García, a current Associate Prospect Editor, commended the work of the 145th Board and added that the high number of candidates was indicative of the community they have built.

“The election overall is a real testament to everything Emma [Treadway] and her managing editors — Zachary [Shevin], AG [McGee], Kenny [Peng], and Harsimran [Makkad] — have done over the past year to cultivate a paper that’s worth loving and caring about so much that you have six candidates who put in the time and energy to present their vision for the next year, all while knowing only one would be elected,“ he said. “It’s very exciting to have so many people that invested in an organization.”

“Marie-Rose is a very kind, compassionate, and driven person and on top of that, she’s a fantastic journalist. And she set out a vision that I’m excited to work on. I have my own ideas, but I see them just as much in what she has planned for the year ahead,” he added.

Similarly, Auhjanae McGee commented on her appreciation for the pool of candidates.

“I’m very grateful for the energy between candidates,” said McGee, who currently serves as Co-Head Prospect Editor. “Everyone was very supportive; no one was very competitive.”

“I’m very excited for the next board. Marie-Rose is someone I’ve admired for a long time. She’s just a great journalist, and that’s very important for a journalistic organization,” she added.

Rahin expressed a similar sentiment.

“Marie-Rose is one of the most brilliant journalists that I’ve ever met, and I cannot wait to see where she takes the ‘Prince.’ She has an incredible platform and I’m just really excited to see where she goes on with the ‘Prince’ in this coming year and to be a part of that in any way that I can be,” said Rahin, who currently serves as Head Newsletter Editor.

The current editor-in-chief, Emma Treadway ’22, commented on the candidates and the election in a message to the ‘Prince.’

“First and foremost, I’m incredibly proud of each individual who chose to run,” Treadway wrote. “Putting yourself forward as a candidate for an unpaid, forty-hour-per-week job [leading] a 400-person organization is crazy — and it’s also courageous.”

“Each of the six, though only Marie-Rose will officially take the role, will play an integral role in advancing the ‘Prince’ and its commitment to inclusivity and cutting-edge journalism,” she continued.

Treadway said she is confident in Sheinerman’s ability to lead the organization because of her compassion, humility, and leadership as well as her talents and experience as a journalist.

“She will bring the ‘Prince’ wholesale into its next era as a leader in digital journalism and commitment to diversity,” Treadway said.

Treadway also reflected on her experience as editor-in-chief as her tenure nears its conclusion.

“This is the most grueling job I’ve ever faced — but I would do it again in a heartbeat,” Treadway wrote. “On a broader level, it has allowed me to shift the culture of the ‘Prince’ and Princeton to one that centers mental health and empathy. On a more personal note, it has allowed me to take up space fearlessly and hold to my convictions deeply.”

After nearly a year as editor-in-chief, Treadway is ready to leave her post.

“I am very ready to hand over the reins,” she wrote. “This job has pushed me to my limit, emotionally and physically, and I’m excited to spend my last semester returning to activities that bring me more peaceful joy — like reading Lucretius or taking long walks.”

Sheinerman will officially assume her position as editor-in-chief on Jan. 1, 2022.

Gabriel Robare is a news contributor, as well as the Co-Head Puzzles Editor, for the ‘Prince.’ He can be reached at or on social @gabrielrobare.

Lia Opperman is a news contributor for the ‘Prince.’ She can be reached at or @liamariaaaa on Instagram.