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Tiger Tots: Yisroel, Shua, Sarale, Yosef Webb

Rabbi Eitan Webb is a Jewish Chaplain and the Director of the Chabad House at the University. In addition to being a major contributor to Princeton Jewish Life, Rabbi Webb is a father of six children. 

In our fourth installment of Tiger Tots, The Daily Princetonian interviewed four of Rabbi Webb’s children: Yisroel, Sarale, Yosef and Shua (who joined us later in the interview). They discussed school’s merits, trips to Israel, and advice for the Princeton community. 


The Daily Princetonian: How many siblings do you have in your family? 

Yosef: Six of us! Five siblings.

Yisroel: Five boys and one girl!

DP: How old are you guys? 

Yisroel: Nine.

Sarale: Sixteen.


Yosef: Fifteen.

DP: Who’s the oldest, who’s the youngest?

Sarale: Second oldest.

Yosef: Third.

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Sarale: (pointing to Yisroel) Second to youngest.

DP: Are you guys all in school? 

All say yes. 

DP: What grade are you in? 

Yisroel: Fourth.

Sarale: Twelfth.

Yosef: Tenth. 

DP: How are you liking school? 

Yisroel: Well, I just started. It’s my first time. [It’s] good!

Sarale: It’s great, yeah. 

Yosef: (smiles) Yep!

DP: What’s your favorite thing that you’re learning? 

Yisroel: Everything!

DP: What’s your favorite class? 

Yisroel: Prompts. 

Sarale: Math.

Yosef: I only have Judaic Studies. [realizing he can only have one favorite class if he’s only taking one, he says] Judaic Studies. 

DP: Do you have any extracurriculars? 

Yisroel: Contest. Starting fourth grade through eighth, there’s like five tests. The fifth is a final test. If you get through all of the five tests you get to go on a trip. The tests are all on 613 units. 

Sarale: I’m actually in charge of a play this year!

Yosef: I don’t have any. 

Yisroel (randomly): Oh! There’s Shua!

Shua, another one of Rabbi Webb’s children, comes to join us for our interview. Yisroel insists I ask Shua all the questions I asked the others before. 

DP: What grade are you in? 

Shua: 6th 

DP: What’s your favorite subject in school? 

Shua: Recess!

Yisroel erupts in laughter. 

DP: What is your favorite thing to do in your free time? 

Yisroel: Recess!

Shua: Um, to have fun. 

Sarale: To read.

Yosef: I like reading.Yeah, reading, why not? 

DP: Do you have any favorite books? 

Yisroel: Roald Dahl.

DP: What’s your favorite book by Roald Dahl? 

Yisroel: Mr. Wonka. 

Shua, Sarale, and Yosef do not have a favorite book or movie.

DP: What’s your favorite thing to do with your siblings? 

Rabbi Webb: [You like to] play together, travel together, go to Israel together.

Yisroel: I went there three times! Yes I did!

Sarale: No you didn’t. 

Yosef: Was one of them in mommy’s tummy?

Yisroel nods his head, smiling. 

DP: Do you have a favorite thing you like to do with your siblings? 

Sarale: Yeah, we like to go on trips. We went to Florida.  

Yisroel: We went to Israel as a family including both grandparents for my Bar Mitzvah.

DP: Do you have anything to tell the Princeton Community? 

Yisroel: Hi!

DP: Any advice for Princeton students?

Shua: Work hard. 

Sarale: You’ve got this, pull through. 

Yosef: Have fun!