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In second week of asymptomatic testing, first student tests positive for COVID-19 since March 31

<p>Photo credit: Denise Applewhite / <a href="" target="_self">Princeton University Office of Communications</a></p>

Photo credit: Denise Applewhite / Princeton University Office of Communications

Of the 4,107 COVID-19 tests University Health Services (UHS) administered in its second week of asymptomatic testing on campus, one graduate student tested positive. This result marks the first reported positive case for a student on campus since March 31. 

From Aug. 31 to Sept. 6, none of the 267 tests administered to undergraduates and 1,918 administered to faculty and staff came back positive, according to statistics released by the University. One out of 1,922 tests administered to asymptomatic graduate students returned a positive result.

All members of the University present on campus for at least eight hours per week are required to take an asymptomatic test at the University Stadium Concourse. Last week, the University conducted more than 4,000 tests, with four employees testing positive.

One undergraduate and one graduate student underwent symptomatic testing from Aug. 31 to Sept. 6, after experiencing symptoms induced by the virus. Both test results came back negative. Faculty and staff reported 13 symptomatic tests to University Health Services, with 11 negative results and two cases pending.

As of the Wednesday announcement, one undergraduate and three graduate students remain in isolation, which is required of people who exhibit signs of the illness or those who have tested positive for COVID-19. 

Sixty-seven undergraduates and 178 graduate students remain in quarantine as a result of travel, and one graduate student is in quarantine due to potential exposure to the virus. 

Deputy University Spokesperson Mike Hotchkiss expressed optimism at the low level of positive test results, while stressing that community members must continue to observe health precautions. 

“The results from the first two weeks of this testing are encouraging and reflect adherence to public health measures such social distancing and face coverings,” he said. “However, we must remain vigilant. We appreciate the participation of students, faculty and staff in the testing protocol and their continued efforts to help keep our campus and broader community safe.”