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Tiger Tots: Luna Meggers and Izzy Lundgaard

Luna Meggers and Izzy Lundgaard

Luna Meggers (left) and Izzy Lundgaard (right), posing.

Ben Angarone / The Daily Princetonian 

Bret Lundgaard is the head coach for Women’s Swimming and Diving, and led the Tigers to an Ivy League Championship before the COVID-19 pandemic suspended NCAA athletics. Forrest Meggers is an assistant professor of architecture, who founded and directs the University’s CHAOS (Cooling and Heating for Architecturally Optimized Systems) Lab.

Prior to COVID-19, Meggers’ wife, Dr. Georgette Stern, and Lundgaard met with The Daily Princetonian in Frist Campus Center — not to discuss swimming, architecture, cooling, or heating — but to chaperone the subjects of this interview: five-year-old Izzy Lundgaard and her lifelong best friend, four-and-a-half-year-old Luna Meggers. Below, the inseparable pair discuss their career aspirations, marriage, and the dangers of black holes. 


The Daily Princetonian: How old are you guys?

Luna: I’m four and a half, and she’s five.

DP: Are you guys in school yet?

Luna: Yes. Pre-K.

DP: What’s your favorite thing to learn about?

Luna and Izzy (in unison): Numbers.


Izzy: I like to learn about space.

Luna: I like to learn about cheetahs and lions.

DP: Luna, do you want to do that when you grow up, work with animals?

Luna: Yes.

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DP: Izzy, do you want to work with space when you grow up?

Luna: If you do that you’re gonna get in a black hole. 

Izzy: I’m not gonna do that.

DP: Izzy, do you go to a lot of your dad’s swim meets?

Izzy: Nods.

DP: Do you root for him or for the other team?

After a few, tenuous seconds, Izzy points to her dad. 

DP: What is your favorite thing to do together?

Luna and Izzy (in unison): Play! Outside. Ride bikes. And [with a giggle] marry.

DP: Do you guys like to swim?

Izzy: When I was a baby, I loved to swim.

Luna: Yeah, both of us love to swim!

Izzy: No — I love to swim more.

Luna: Yeah, I love to swim too.

Izzy: No, I love to swim.

Luna: Me too.

A fierce debate ensues.

DP: We’ll call it a tie. Where do you like to swim?

Luna: I go to the one where we have smoothies. And ice cream [Community Park].

DP: Do you have favorite buildings on campus? 

Luna: We love going through tunnels [read: archways] biking. 

DP: Do you guys ever go to the beach?

Luna: One time we went and they buried us, and we wanted to stay in because it was so hot.

DP: What’s your favorite thing to do at the beach, bury each other?

Luna: Yeah, we buried each other once when we were together.

Izzy: And once I buried my dad. 

Luna: Wait, did you cover his whole face?

Izzy: No! We made a little pillow for him.

DP: Do you guys have a favorite movie?

Izzy: My favorite movie is “Frozen.”

Luna: “Woody the Woodpecker”. 

Izzy: I like “Puppy Power” too.

Luna: Yeah, I like “Puppy Power.”

Izzy: No — you don’t know “Puppy Power.”

Luna: And “Secret Life of Pets.”

DP: Do you guys have any pets?

Luna: No.

Izzy: I do. I have two dogs, two cats, and I used to have two fish but one died, so I don’t have one anymore. 

DP: Who’s your favorite pet?

Izzy: My fish. KC. 

DP: Do you guys have a favorite book?

Izzy: “Under the Sea.”

Luna: “Hilo.” It’s a graphic novel. It’s about a boy who crashed into Earth. 

DP: Do you guys have any siblings? 

Luna: I do. I got Maelyn and Eila and Luzi. And Luzi has a trumpet. Maelyn and Eila are twins, they’re six. Luzi is eight. 

Izzy: I do. I think she’s four months old. 

DP: What’s your sister’s name?

Izzy: Soleil.

DP: Do you like being an older sibling? 

Izzy: Yes. She’s just so cute!

DP: Are you guys doing anything fun the rest of the day?

Luna: Going swimming!

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