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University sophomore celebrates Murray Dodge Cafe and the Princeton Cannabis Society’s new joint venture.

Photo Credit: Gary Miotla / Wikimedia Commons, rexmedlen / Pixabay, Punyasloka Choudhury / Pexels, and Oren neu dag / Wikimedia Commons

Last week, Murray-Dodge Cafe announced that they would begin offering marijuana edibles in addition to cookies in a joint effort with the Princeton Cannabis Society. Edibles will be offered starting on Dean’s Date at 4:20 a.m.

The announcement has been met with mixed responses from the University community. It also marks a shift in Murray-Dodge’s mission as a space for students to interact without the pressure of alcohol and other substances.

Students from Washington and other pro-cannabis states expressed support for the change. Colorado students are happy to have a piece of home with them on campus and a place to get their Rocky Mountain high. Student Sa Tiva ’22 from California stated that the change was “radical, but epic.”

Tiva said he hopes that Murray-Dodge will soon allow other forms of marijuana, in addition to edibles. Other students, including several members of Terrace Club and an anonymous person on Tiger Confessions++ who wanted to take edibles and go see “Cats,” are especially thrilled with the announcement.

However, other students expressed disappointment in the change, lamenting the loss of one of the only sober social areas on campus. Without Murray-Dodge, students looking for somewhere to have fun without illicit substances will be forced to find new locations. Some suggested locations have been the Graduate College and the Lewis Center for the Arts, the farthest you can get from the eating clubs and still be on campus.

Law enforcement has also voiced concerns with allowing edibles on campus.

“The recreational use of marijuana is not yet legal in the state of New Jersey, and we are appalled to see such blatant disrespect of the law,” Officer Busby “Buzz” Kill said.

However, there are many highs to serving edibles at Murray-Dodge. Students at Princeton are subject to high pressures, and Murray-Dodge will give students a method to combat that. Marijuana is also a budding new industry that students across disciplines, from Operations Research and Financial Engineering to Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, may wish to study and experiment with firsthand.

The Princeton Cannabis Society hopes to expand into other corners of campus, with eventual plans to host a biweekly “high tea” in Firestone Library’s Tiger Tea Room. For now though, students will have to rely on Murray-Dodge for their weed needs.

This article is part of The Daily Princetonian’s annual joke issue. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet!