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Small fire breaks out in E-quad

Courtesy of the Office of Communications

The Engineering Quadrangle was evacuated briefly after a small fire broke out on the third floor, according to a statement from the Office of Communications.

The blaze was contained to a cubicle in the “E” wing. Emergency responders used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire.


A laptop computer inside the cubicle was damaged. The sprinkler system did not go off. 

Sassan Hajirezaie, a graduate student in Civil and Environmental Engineering, smelled the smoke from the fire as he left his office around 7:15 pm.

“It smelled like a combination of chemical or electrical source,” Hajirezaie.

Hajirezaie immediately called Public Safety and began knocking on the other office doors to alert his colleagues.

“We really appreciate Public Safety and also the Fire Department of Princeton for being very responsive and for quickly answering to the matter,” Hajirezaie said.

The Office of Communications reported that the cause of the fire is still under investigation, although they do not suspect foul play.