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Ten products to help you conquer spring semester

With second semester now fully in motion, it’s time to bury all the L’s we took last semester within the depths of our mind and look toward a fresh start.

Hopefully you’ve dropped that unnecessary fifth class you were just checking out and have switched into all the best precepts to maximize your sleep schedule. Some argue that spring semester is more challenging than  fall, as there are fewer breaks (thank God for spring break). Before you know it, finals will slap you in the face. As the grind picks up speed, here are a few products to help you get over that mid-semester slump:


1. A clip-on light with warm and cool light features, as well as dim or bright options, for all your late-night study sessions. The clip allows you to read from the comfort of your bed or in a poorly lit corner of Firestone (if those even exist).

2. Start your spring cleaning early with a 4-piece drawer organizer. Sort out the cluttered mass of socks and shirts in your drawers with these versatile organizers. They include slots that come in a variety of sizes — goodbye mismatched socks!

3. An under-the-bed storage container is perfect for stowing away your winter clothes when spring rolls around the corner. The compartments are perfect for the shoes, jackets, or long-sleeves you want out of your closet, and the zipper cover keeps the dust out.

4. Skip the long lines in Frist and get your paper in on time with a wireless printer. Now you no longer have to worry if the University’s printers are working too slowly or if all the paper is gone. #welovetechnology

5. Are your chargers not long enough? Is the one outlet near your bed unreachable? Solve all your problems and more with an ultimate power strip. With six outlets and four USB ports, this power strip comes with a six foot power cord and doubles as a surge protector.

6. Write down all your to-do lists and keep track of your six classes and eleven extracurriculars with an essential minimalist planner. Its sleek design and abundant writing space make scheduling meetings and jotting down tasks much easier.


7. Conquer your all-nighters and stay awake in your 8 a.m. with a vacuum-insulated tumbler. Its double-insulated walls are guaranteed to keep your morning coffee piping hot throughout the day, so you can get over that midday slump and power through class.

8. Bust out a wireless speaker for when the snow melts, the sun emerges, and all you want to do is lounge outside and work on your p-set to some happy music. A single charge yields 10 hours of listening and, best of all, the speaker is waterproof, which means you don’t have to worry when your friend gets beer all over it at a pregame. #justcollegethings

9. Speaking of spring, take a break from studying and enjoy the amazing weather outside with a Spikeball kit. Invite all your friends to play this portable and fun game out on Poe Field.

10. Continuing on the topic of amazing weather (a distant dream at this point), a picnic/outdoor blanket is perfect for weekend picnics with your friends or lounging on the grass finishing up some reading. Not only is it waterproof, but it also folds into a convenient size and comes with a handle. 

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