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Chris Murphy ’20 has been elected The Daily Princetonian’s next editor-in-chief.

By Jon Ort

After almost three hours of discussion, The Daily Princetonian elected head sports editor Chris Murphy ’20 as editor-in-chief of the 143rd Managing Board.

Murphy ran unopposed and was elected unanimously. 

“I’m very excited and honored to have been elected,” Murphy said. “I want to thank the 142nd board before me for a fantastic job that they did in setting me up for what I think will be a successful tenure as editor-in-chief.”

A candidate must receive a two-thirds majority of votes to win the election in the first round of voting. 

The election officially began at 10 a.m. with discussions on the role of the editor-in-chief of the ‘Prince’ and the ideal qualities of an editor-in-chief. Murphy then gave a speech outlining his platform, and a question-and-answer period immediately followed. The first and only round of voting began around 1 p.m.

An amendment passed with a two-thirds majority gave seniors the right to vote in this election, and a second amendment passed to give seniors the right to vote in all subsequent editor-in-chief elections. Previously, eligible voters had included those who have at least three bylines or who have worked on the ‘Prince’ for at least a semester with the exception of seniors.

Murphy ran on a platform emphasizing collective editorial leadership and being a print-first organization. He also focused on bringing together writers and reporters of varying levels of journalistic experience, as well as broadening news coverage into Princeton Township.

Murphy will succeed outgoing Editor-in-Chief Marcia Brown ’19.

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