Friday, November 27

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The Daily Princetonian elects Jean-Jacques ’20 as next business manager

Jean-Jacques '20 in The Daily Princetonian newsroom on Thursday, Dec. 13.
Jean-Jacques '20 in The Daily Princetonian newsroom on Thursday, Dec. 13.

On Wednesday, Taylor Jean-Jacques ’20 was elected business manager of The Daily Princetonian for the 143rd Managing Board. A psychology major from Greenwich, Conn., she will begin her tenure in February.

“I’m very excited,” Jean-Jacques said. “It’s exciting to take on more and play a bigger role on the business side of things.”


Jean-Jacques joined the business team her first year, working with online advertising for the ‘Prince’ website, after which she served as head of operations for one year.

In her new role as business manager, Jean-Jacques will be in charge of all the business operations of the ‘Prince.’ These duties include making sure that the paper is producing revenue and that the ‘Prince’ has enough financial backing to continue to produce a print copy every day.

Jean-Jacques said that, in the coming year, there are “a lot of opportunities” and “new ways of making money.” She mentioned specifically looking beyond just advertising, such as focusing on sponsored content or special issues of the ‘Prince’ that a particular business or group of businesses could support.

Sarah Hirschfield ’20, associate news editor and head video editor for the ‘Prince,’ expressed enthusiasm at the news of Jean-Jacques’s new elected position.

“She’s good-hearted, and will undoubtedly be the best leader in this position,” Hirschfeld said. “She is consistent in her performance and a hard worker in every aspect of her life.”

Jean-Jacques is preceded by current business manager Ryan Gizzie ’19.  Gizzie praised Jean-Jacques’s work as head of operations and said he’s looking forward to her coming tenure as business manager.


“She’s shown a lot of initiative and been a great part of our business team,” Gizzie said. “She’ll have some good ideas going forward.”

Those ideas, according to Gizzie, also include furthering and continuing to modernize the online presence of the ‘Prince.’

“That’s something the ‘Prince’ has done really well, and that’s something she’ll continue to push the envelope on next year,” Gizzie said.

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