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How to: Get into the holiday spirit

As we dive into the final week of classes for 2018, the promise of winter break (and warmer weather for us Californians #westcoastbestcoast) shines at the end of this burnt-out and exhausted tunnel. With students grinding harder than ever to cushion their grades before the wrath of finals in January, it’s hard to find any red and green on this perpetually orange campus. Before you lock yourself in Firestone for the rest of the week, take some time to add a little holiday cheer to your routine and you might just find yourself cranking out that p-set to some Michael Bublé “Christmas.”

1. Decorate your room


What better way to fall asleep each night than to the sweet smell of a Glade Enchanted Evergreens PlugIn? Put up lights, hang some tinsel, and drop a few bucks on a mini Christmas tree for the ultimate holiday dorm makeover. If you want to be really extra, put those fifth-grade paper-cutting skills to use and make paper snowflakes to hang up. Both you and your roommate will appreciate walking into a winter wonderland after a long night in McGraw.

2. Get in the mood with some tunes

Switch out your usual playlist for something more festive and fun. Browse through Spotify’s holiday playlists for some inspiration. I recommend “Christmas Peaceful Piano” when you’re studying, “Christmas Classics” when you want the OG holiday tunes, and “Hip Hop Christmas” or “Electronic Christmas” for your Litmas pregame. Check out Cameron Lee’s article on Christmas tunes from the past, present, and future for more musical inspiration!

3. Throw a holiday party with your friends

Find a common room or adequately sized dorm, set the vibe with decorations and music (see 1. and 2.), prepare some food and drinks (we love cute Christmas cookies and hot cocoa), and surround yourself with the people you love most. Bonus points for themed parties and activities — gingerbread house making, Christmas cookie decorating, and Secret Santa. 

4. Plan a Christmas movie night 


If throwing a whole party seems like too much work for you (trust me honey we’ve all been there), then text some of your closest friends for a Christmas movie marathon. Stop by the U-Store for some munchies and drinks, slip into your comfiest PJs, and get into the holiday mood with classics like “Home Alone,” “Elf,” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” 

5. Wear a festive outfit. 

Rep your holiday of choice with ugly sweaters, colorful socks, Santa hats, and more. Warning: You might get called out in lecture or precept, but hey — we love spreading that holiday cheer! The more the merrier! 

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