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Frist Campus Center’s famous “late meal” just had its biggest makeover in recent years.

Students can now get foods like chicken and waffles, vegan mac and cheese, dumplings, Korean fried chicken, build-your-own salads, and pho in the late meal servery on Frist’s A-level. Plastic water bottles have been replaced with boxed water, in an effort to be more environmentally conscious. And students craving late meal quesadillas will no longer order them in the same spot, since the quesadilla section is now combined with the pizza section. 

Chris Lentz, associate director of marketing and community engagement, also explained that cooking procedures have also changed — Campus Dining now roasts instead of boiling to reduce water usage in the kitchen. 

The credit allowance for students on meal plan has also changed from $5.95 to $6 for late lunch and $6.95 to $7 for late dinner.

“This year’s changes reflect the most comprehensive review in several years,” said Chris Lentz, associate director of marketing and community engagement.

When Monica Dobrinoiu ’21 went to late meal for the first time this year, she immediately noticed the changes. She said she could tell there was more variety and appreciated the change in design.

“Having more options is always great,” she said.

According to Lentz, Campus Dining introduces new items every year.

“New menus reflect our efforts to meet the tastes of a diverse campus population,” said Lentz. “Our culinary team felt it was the right time to reconsider how to incorporate more scratch-made offerings."

Late meal also now offers “boxed” water instead of plastic water bottles and has eliminated plastic straws, bags, and utensils.

Dobrinoiu said she welcomed all of the new changes. 

“I think their intentions are good,” she said. “I feel like Frist is trying to create the image of being environmentally friendly. Having boxed water completes this image.”

First-year students who are still familiarizing themselves with late meal say that, even with all the changes, late meal is still great.

“I have only been to late meal once, but it is great for people who don’t have time,” Hannah Huh ’22 said.

She said she thinks the new changes to late meal reflect positively on the University.

“I know it can be hard for a large institution to change small things like having paper cups instead of plastic ones,” she said.

Late meal is offered on weekdays from 2:30 to 3:45 p.m. and 8:30 to 10 p.m. with the exception of Friday evenings.

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