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More white supremacist posters found on campus

On Dec. 4, 2017, two varieties of white supremacist flyers were found posted to various locations around campus.

The first flyer was titled “The Truth about ‘White Privilege’ and Jewish Supremacy'" and addressed a person named Linda Oppenheim.


It opened with the lines, “Hey Linda (((Oppenheim))), instead of inciting anti-White animosity with your lines about so called [sic] ‘White privilege,’ why don’t you discuss the real privilege in America? JEWISH PRIVILEGE.”

An Internet search suggests that the “Linda Oppenheim” of the flyer may be a resident of the city of Princeton, where she leads educational programs on practicing intersectionality in the Jewish community.

More racist and anti-Semitic comments could be found in the flyer as one read on.


The second flyer was formatted as an advertisement for a course at the University, titled “Introduction to White Studies: White Guilt and Reparations.” The flier claimed that “[i]t’s time to examine the oppressor society, to study Whites the way they have studied colonized people for decades,” and that “‘Black Studies,’ ‘Asian Studies,’ and ‘Latino Studies’ is [sic] incomplete without a critical reconnaissance into the pathology and practice of Whiteness.”

The flyer also used academic lingo specific to the University, such as distribution requirements, which all University students are familiar with. The flier lists the course mentioned above as “YTS 305/WHS 201 (SA),” provides a “Sample Reading List,” and suggests “Weekly Blackboard Posts and Weekly Reparations” for homework.

The Center of Jewish Life and the Department of Public Safety could not be reached for comment at the time that this article was written.

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