Thursday, January 27

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Public safety lifts shelter-in-place order due to armed gunman

The Department of Public Safety sent out a warning today at around 11:45 a.m. about an “unconfirmed report” of an individual armed with a gun on campus. It issued a shelter-in-place order at the time, advising students to remain inside with locked doors, and if possible, to avoid coming to campus until the all-clear was given.

About 10 minutes later, Public Safety lifted the shelter-in-place order and said that all normal activities could resume. The alert came from security personnel at the Princeton University Art Museum, where the identified individual with a holstered handgun was a police officer privately hired by an exchange program to escort them as they toured the galleries.


The officer wore a badge, but was not in uniform and did not inform security at the museum of his presence in advance. The gun was never removed from the holster and no one was hurt.

University officials are cooperating with officers who responded to the incident.

This story will be updated as more information is gathered.