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Young Alumni Trustee finalists selected

The University’s Office of Alumni Affairs has announced that candidates Aleksandra Czulak ’17, Andrew Sun ’17, and Achille Tenkiang ’17 have passed the primary round of the Young Alumni Trustee Election and will move on to the General Election, to be held from May 2 to May 24, according to a press release from Cathy Phillips. The election results were verified and confirmed by an election services company hired to run the election.

The YAT Election is hosted each year to pick a current senior to join the University’s Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is tasked with managing the University’s finances, overseeing ongoing construction projects on campus, allocating resources, and issuing changes in instruction. The goal of YAT members of the Board of Trustees is to provide the Board with insights into the lives of current students on campus. YAT members serve for four years, guaranteeing that four members of the Board of Trustees are recent graduates.


According to the University’s website, the YAT position was created in 1969 in order that the Board would always have four members of recent classes who are more in touch with the current student body.

The election is delegated to the Office of Alumni Affairs, and due to the Office’s campaign rules, the candidates’ biographical information cannot be included in this article. Seniors may vote in the primary election for YAT, but juniors, seniors, and the two most recent graduating classes are eligible to vote in the general election for YAT.

The University’s website specifies that although the YAT members are elected by a specific subset of the University community, their constituency while serving on the board is the entire University community.