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A deer smashed through a window in the Forbes annex early Sunday afternoon, leaving large amounts of broken glass and blood on the windows and the floor.

“We heard banging on the window, and went to go look to see what happening,” Jenna Shaw ’20, who saw the deer firsthand in the annex on Sunday, said. “As we turned the corner in the annex, we saw the deer inside the building, and we saw all the broken glass, and we starting running the opposite way because we were obviously scared of the deer,” she said.

According to Shaw, the deer jumped through one window before running down the length of an adjacent hallway. At the end of that hallway, there was another window with which the deer collided. Shaw said that she saw the deer leave blood on the glass of that window before backtracking to the first window, through which it ultimately exited Forbes.

Matthew Barrett ’19 said that after it made its grand exit through the first window, the deer ran out of the annex courtyard.

“I was in my room, on the second floor of the annex, when I heard a loud noise,” Barrett said. He explained that he hadn't thought much of the noise initially. That changed, however, once he saw that there was indeed a deer in his residential college.

“I heard the deer running through the hallway, outside my door, back and forth; it was stuck because the fire doors were closed,” Jordi Cabanas ’19, the first responder, said. After leaving his room and exiting the building, he called 911, who then rerouted him to the Department of Public Safety.

“I saw it trying to escape through one of the entryways ... it was sort of pressing its nose up against that window because it couldn’t figure out a way to get out,” he added.

Other Forbesians who witnessed their college’s four-legged intruder took pictures of the deer and posted about the incident on social media.

DPS officers were quick to appear on the scene. They deferred comment to the Office of Communications.

According to Director of Media Relations John Cramer, Facilities “says the site has been cleaned up and the windows boarded up.”

“The new windows have been ordered and should be installed in the next few days,” Cramer wrote in an email.

More to come ...

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