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Snider ’17 receives $246K in poker tournament win

Bradley Snider ’17, who formerly served as the president of the Princeton Poker Club, received $246,000 in prize money for winning the Freeze-Out event at the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open in August 2016. He plans to attend the World Series of Poker tournament in Las Vegas, Nev. this summer.

Snider defeated 529 other players at the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open to win the Freeze-Out event, in which he had to place an initial bet of $2,650 in order to participate.


Snider explained that his interest in poker comes from watching his dad play casual games, and that he really became fascinated with the game once the streaming service Twitch started to show online poker games.

“I was also really fascinated by the idea that in poker it was possible to make money in the long run by playing well,” he added. “I also like that underlying the game there is a deep mathematical structure.”

In fact, Snider pointed to two University classes which covered content that directly related to elements of poker strategy. According to Snider, ORF 309 and MAT 378, which cover probability and game theory respectively, form some of the core fundamentals behind poker.

Because poker has a foundation in math and probability, Snider noted that students pursuing STEM majors tend to be the most adept poker players. However, he added that non-STEM majors can also excel at poker if they possess certain skills.

“I think that those who enjoy strategy games and have good problem-solving skills could become great poker players,” he said.

During the fall semester break of 2016, Snider attended the PokerStars Tournament in Atlantic City, N.J., which featured 40 tournaments over the course of that week. He won some cash during the side events, and he also participated in a PokerStars Tournament in the Bahamas in January. Snider also plans to attend the World Series of Poker Tournament, which is a six-week long tournament.


With regard to the prize money that Snider has won over the years, he explained that he plans to save a portion of it and also use some of it to place bets in future poker tournaments. 

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