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USG discusses undocumented students, Winter Social

The Undergraduate Student Government discussed the status of undocumented students with the DREAM Team as well as the upcoming Winter Social in their meeting this Sunday.

The DREAM Team is a national student group dedicated to raising awareness of immigrant-related causes and immigration reform.


University's DREAM Team co-director Alejandra Rincon '18 addressed the response provided by University President Christopher Eisgruber '83 stating that he would not be designating the University as a sanctuary campus due to the lack of a legal precedent. While Eisgruber's response also included his support for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, Rincon noted her disapproval that Eisgruber failed to appropriately address the position of undocumented students in his response.

"That's erasing a large portion of the population of students who are in fear," said Rincon.

Rincon added that Eisgruber should have explicitly stated his support for both documented as well as undocumented students.

The DREAM Team has also spearheaded a petition that has garnered over 2,300 signatures. The petition calls for several changes regarding University policy towards undocumented students, including the proclamation of the University and its chapel as a sanctuary campus and church, respectively, and the changing of the classification of undocumented students from international to domestic.

The petition can be found on the DREAM Team's Facebook page.

As the meeting continued, Class of 2017 Senator Cailin Hong ‘17 and USG President Aleksandra Czulak ‘17 presented the budget for the 2016 Winter Social, which the USG Senate subsequently approved.


The Social is a joint project supported by the USG and the Independent Student Advisory Board. It will be held at Robertson Hall on Saturday, Dec. 10 from 8 to 11 p.m. and include food, desserts, and a photo booth. Freshman, sophomore, and eating club formals will also occur on the same night. Hong stated that while the Social is designed to cater to upperclassmen who are not in eating clubs, all students are invited to come.

Independent Student Advisory Board member Katrina Davies '18 further elaborated on the light atmosphere of the Social.

"It's not really going to be a sit-down dinner, so people can come through with their friends at the start, afterwards, or stay if they don't have a formal to go to," said Davies.

Czulak added that the event stemmed from an effort by co-operative and independent students last semester to organize a formal.

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"This is a great first step to see if there is student interest in these kinds of social events and how many people will show up," said Czulak.

Hong also presented an update on the Menstrual Products Pilot program, which is intended to promote and destigmatize reproductive health. The project will place menstrual projects such as pads and tampons in all Frist Campus Center restrooms from Sunday, Dec. 4 to Friday, Dec. 16. Hong indicated that if the pilot program garners enough student interest, USG will bring the project to administration for long-term funding.

Communications Director David Lopera '19 briefly presented an update on USG's social media presence. The update included the launch of USG's Snapchat account, which will provide updates for and coverage of USG events. Additionally, Lopera stated that the Communications Committee is currently in the process of revamping their website, as well as increasing USG's presence on Facebook.