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In the only runoff election held after the 2016 Winter Elections, Tania Bore '20 was elected as University Student Life Committee Chair. 

Bore beat Michael Zhou '19 for the position with 67.9% of the runoff vote. Turnout for the runoff elections was substantially lower, with only 578 out of 5,251 eligible students casting ballots.

In the first round of elections, overall turnout was higher than in recent winter elections, at 49.8%. The runoff election for this position, however, only garnered 11% turnout. 

The class of 2020 had the highest turnout in the first round of elections, as well as in the runoff. In the first round, three candidates competed for the position: Bore, Zhou, and Kade McCorvy '20. Voter turnout was 34.9% for this particular race . Zhou earned 42.4% of the vote in the first round, and Bore earned 33.3% in the first round. 

Jenny Zhang '18 is the current University Student Life Committee Chair. The University Student Life Committee Chair serves under the chief elections manager, which is itself an appointed position. 

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